miércoles, 10 de agosto de 2011

After the rain...

My dear ,

Time has taken its toll. I didn’t think that we’d end up in this way. I remember the moments we used to share together and, try as I might, I can’t see what was wrong during that time. It was so out of the blue when you came up with that decision. I don’t want to talk about how I felt (Sorry, how I am feeling), just to tell you how it started because it will remain in my mind for a long time.
It was on December when I added you on my Facebook account. Something special attracted me, and I must admit the fact that you listened to the same kind of music, made it much more interesting.  Weeks went by and we started chatting more often. Millions of users on the Internet and I came you across! The hilarious thing was that you lived just…three blocks from my home! Months went by and I told you that I wanted to meet you. So we agreed on going to the main park in the city. You were so bloody stunning…we walked and talked about music and some nonsense stuff. Oh, I still remember how you laughed. Night fell and we arranged to hang out again. I must admit it was rather difficult to find you again. Every time I talked to you and arranged another meeting, you cancelled it at the last minute. I felt disappointed and after a couple of weeks without knowing anything about you, you came back to me. I made it clear that I wanted to know if you didn’t want to go out with me anymore.You apologised and everything went back as before.
March arrived. My life was pretty different then. I met a girl and we were going out together. As for you, our friendship was much more consolidated. You talked about your life and it made you feel happy to meet a person like me because ‘you seldom talked about that to the people you get on with’. After a month, I started to feel rather confused. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to spoil our friendship and I wasn’t sure about my feelings, after all I was in a relationship. I didn’t want to hurt anyone, and frankly, I was hurting myself.
To make my mind clear I had to wait for some days. You invited me to have dinner at your house. It was a cold day. We saw a film, listened to music and talked about our life. At midnight, I couldn’t keep my feelings anymore and told you the truth. You looked at me and embraced me. We remained together for some minutes till falling sleep. I felt you so near. Your red lips touching mine, your soft skin…everything was so dreamy. We saw the dawn and then it was time to leave. I hadn’t felt so happy before that moment. When I went back home, I couldn’t sleep. Too much adrenaline for one day. Then I had to face the truth. I had to tell the other girl that it was all over.  Sunday came and so I did that. I omitted that I went out with you and that my feelings were clearer now. I tried to choose the right words so not to hurt her, after all, she didn’t deserve that. 
In between April and May I thought I was experiencing the perfection. Such a naïve boy I was. I was devoted to you; every single thing I did was for you, my dear. We were so close together and everything seemed to last forever. But time is ephemeral and so was your love for me. After a month of promises and hopes, you decided to run away. I don’t want to look into greater details. Was my love to no avail? I prefer to keep a positive image of you in my mind. I wish I could understand the whole situation but as Baudelaire said ‘so hard it is to understand one another, dearest, and so incommunicable is thought, even between people who are in love’.  

Written by @AnImaginaryboy