miércoles, 10 de agosto de 2011

All of a sudden, the lights went out

It was a Saturday morning when Robert received an anonymous letter. It started with a dedication “lost in admiration – I’m forever yours – love”. He stared at it for quite a while, trying to guess who had sent it. It puzzled him for weeks and he even asked his friends what he should do. A few days later he decided to reply to the anonymous.The girl who had sent the letter was called Mary and she lived in a city nearby. Six months passed with letters obsessively taking over his life. After much correspondence, he sent a letter arranging when and where and how the two of them should meet. They decided to meet each other on his birthday.
The day came. All the guests attended but he only wanted to find her. As the time passed, little by little he was losing his confidence. After an hour, it was the moment to make his wishes . All of a sudden, the lights went out ! His friends started to sing ‘Happy birthday, dear Robert’ He was out of that world. He could feel the warmth of a female body coming towards him. He was trembling and shivering like a child. A female voice whispered ‘punish me with kisses tonight’. He smiled nervously and fell into her waiting arms. The perfect girl was with him. They spent the night together and they didn’t want to say goodbye. At 5.00 am she said she had to leave. They promised each other to meet again.
A month passed without a word from her so he wrote to ask her if they could maybe meet again before the spring.But weeks went by with no reply until once more his birthday came. He received her reply and for sure he wouldn’t forget those lines ‘I’m sorry – it was just my imagination.I was sure you’d be the one but I was wrong . I won’t forget you.Love, Mary” All of a sudden, the lights went out again. But this time he was alone in his bedroom. He sensed the quiet despair listening to the deep silence. All he wished had gone for ever.

Written by @AnImaginaryboy
Inspired by The Cure