viernes, 12 de agosto de 2011

Little did she know…

They were lying on the warm sand. June was staring at him but he
didn’t say anything. The brightness of the sun was reflected in her shimmering
eyes. Around them, the people were watching and gossiping. Those expressionless faces were witnesses of a blind love. Little did June know that James would know everything about her affair. Deeper in his thoughts, James knew that he couldn’t believe in her anymore. He had been cheated by her. There were many lies in little time. It was impossible for him to pay attention to her. He remembered the first time they had sworn to be two souls in one. How far from their reality it was. 
Little drops of water fell on their hair. It had started to rain. She sensed an awkward silence. She couldn’t hide the truth anymore. She cried. She said that her affair was just a mistake and told him that she didn’t want to do any harm to him. But it was raining hard and he couldn’t hear. He ordered her to give him up. June went away with her heart filled with sadness. Her face blur in the middle of the beach could barely be seen. In the distance, she could predict what her next step would be. Phrases about happiness were murmured in her dreams when both of them knew how the end would always be.
 The night came and the glimmer of the moon was present. The silence
invaded June’s soul. She was running towards nothing. In her inside she was praying for something better. She remembered her first kiss with him underneath the stars and how delightful their past used to be.  But now she felt the pain and fear in her veins. Not only did she try to forget everything but also she wondered about starting a new life. But everything was gone for her. Into the darkness,
she yelled her lover’s name and wrote her final fate. 

Written by @AnImaginaryboy