martes, 11 de octubre de 2011


Last week I wrote this paragraph for my Language class. It's about a meaningful object that I consider as a treasure. Hope you like it!

I was given this object when I was eight years old and, frankly, it was bigger than me. Some people say its shape it’s because of the female body: softly rounded shoulders that flow smoothly into a thinner waist and then to another gently rounded curve at the bottom.
But it’s much more than an object for me. Thanks to it, I have met fabulous people. For instance, last year, I was walking with my precious treasure in a park when an English couple asked me if I wanted to join them. We ended up spending the whole day together playing some songs. It was a wonderful experience to me because then I realised how true is that music is the universal language of mankind.  
My wooden friend is also my way of taking therapy.  When I don’t feel very well, I just take it and start to play some beautiful melodies.  That moment is a communication between this object and my soul, my feelings going through the notes. It’s a catharsis, a way of transporting me to another world just for a while. It’s my musical talisman. Actually, I take it with me every time I go out. But one thing is certain: if my friends want to play, I don’t share it. I gave them another one. After all, a woman can’t be shared.