domingo, 6 de noviembre de 2011

The 10 Commandments of Conducting

Today I found these commandments in a blog and I thought that they'd be also meaningful not only for conductors but also for teachers. Hope you enjoy it!

The 10 Commandments of Conducting
1. The phrase is of the utmost importance. By showing the phrase many other things will fall into place. Rehearse, conduct and speak with this in mind. Analyse to this end.

2. To convey any sense of phrase or momentum the beats must convey the light & shade of the music – they must be different weights.

3. Give musicians space to express themselves – donʼt dictate everything. By forming a space in which the musicians and conductor can collaborate a wonderful and unique partnership emerges at every rehearsal and performance.

4. The mind must direct the movements of the body. If the concept of the music is kept present in the mind it will flow through to the gestures and to the musicians.

5. Keep the score in your head and your head out of the score. The majority of any conductorʼs musical message is portrayed through the eyes and face. To deny this to the ensemble means the message becomes is lost, incomplete or confused.

6. Speak clearly, deliberately and honestly to the ensemble from the podium.
Only give criticism or praise when it is deserved – this respect for the ensemble garners respect for the conductor. NB. Remember – no one is ever deliberately making mistakes, donʼt treat them as if they are.

7. Be the music – show it in your whole connected body. Conducting is a full body sport!

8. All parts of the body must have the flexibility, grace, control and independence akin to that of a dancer.

9. Ancora imparo – I am always learning. Watch as many conductors as possible, listen to as many performances of as many types of music as you can afford, read widely and immerse yourself in life & culture in every way possible. The more experiences you have the more you can bring to the podium to enrich your music-making and relationship with the musicians.

10. Know the score – everything else is for nought if this isnʼt in place. Know it intimately and keep learning it over and over again in the joyful hope that a new treasure might be revealed to you at each reading!